Story Twenty-Four




The third day after Jesus died was Sunday. And, very early on that morning, some women were going to the cave where Jesus was buried. These women had followed Jesus for a long time. They carried oils with them. They were going to put them on Jesus’ body. This was their custom for people who had died. As they went along, they asked each other, “Who is going to move the huge stone?” But, when they got to the cave, they saw that someone had already moved the stone.

So they went in, and they saw that it was empty.  But, just then, two angels appeared, and the women were very afraid. So they bowed down on the ground. And the angels said, “Why are you looking in a cave for someone who is alive? Jesus is not here.  He has risen from the dead!  Do you remember what he told you before?  How he would be killed, and then, on the third day, he would rise from the dead?”

Then the women remembered.  Now the people who followed Jesus had gathered in one place. So the women went back there. And they told them what they had seen. But the disciples did not believe them. So Peter got up and ran to the cave. When he got there, he saw that it was empty. The strips of cloth that Jesus had been buried in were the only things there.  And he went away wondering what had happened.

Later that day, the disciples were talking among themselves. Some of them were saying that Jesus was alive. Some of them said that they had seen him. Just then, Jesus stood right there in front of them. They were shocked and afraid. They thought they were seeing a spirit.

And Jesus said, “Why are you afraid? Look at my hands and my feet and see that it is really me. Touch me and see that I am not a spirit.” But they were astonished. They still could not believe that it was him.  And so Jesus asked, “Do you have anything to eat?” And they brought him some cooked fish. And he ate it right there in front of them.